How to develop a parenting plan that works

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While getting through a divorce and starting a new chapter in your life is not an easy challenge, it is not the only challenging responsibility that can come from divorce. Raising a child with an ex-spouse is not always easy, but it is necessary.

Without proper co-parenting, children can suffer many different negative consequences while growing up. To avoid these consequences, here are some tips on how to build a strong co-parenting system:

Recognizing your child’s needs

In order to create a plan that best suits your child’s needs, you first need to understand what those needs are. If your child is struggling with homework, you should create a plan that addresses that issue.

Put aside your differences with your ex-spouse

It can be easy to let the past interfere with the present, but keep in mind that your child’s needs should come first. You do not have to like being around your ex-spouse, you just need to be able to work with them to support your child.

Create a regular schedule

Consistency is key for both parents and children in a co-parenting relationship. If parents share a 50/50 time split, develop a system to make long-term plans. Some parents use a bi-weekly rotation, while others use a more complex alternation system. Work with your ex-spouse to come up with a plan that you both can agree to.

Remain flexible

While having a consistent schedule in place can be critical in raising a child, it is also important to remain flexible when necessary. If your ex-spouse needs to make a schedule alteration, work with them to accomplish it so you both can continue to support your child effectively.

Maintain your system

It can feel overwhelming to try and adhere to your parenting plan with your ex-spouse, but remember that this plan is for everyone’s benefit. Stick with your plan to help ensure that your child has the tools they need for success in the future, and you and your ex-spouse are able to provide them.