The benefits of a collaborative divorce

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When a married couple begins pursuing a divorce, they have an important decision to make. The spouses can choose to either end their marriage through a contested divorce or a collaborative one. A contested divorce can lead to considerable conflicts over the common areas of divorce and cost each spouse a lot of time, money and energy to resolve.

A collaborative divorce offers couples an alternative to this resolution method and can often be beneficial for everyone. To help you decide which kind of resolution method is best for you, here is what you should know about the benefits of a collaborative divorce:

More control in the outcome of your divorce

When your try to resolve your divorce through litigation in a courtroom, a judge will often come to their own conclusions based on the information each spouse provides them. Their decisions can affect custody agreements, asset division and more. In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse work together with a mediator to come to your own divorce agreements. This way, you are able to shape the outcome of your divorce in your own image, rather than hoping a judge provides an outcome you agree with.

Settle things on your schedule

When you are going through a divorce according to a judge’s schedule, they often have the final say in your divorce timeline. This can mean that you may have to take off work to make a court date, costing you additional money or even jeopardizing your job. A collaborative divorce allows you and your spouse to determine your own timeline and set it to your current scheduling conflicts.

Promote a better post-divorce relationship

When you and your spouse are able to collaborate on how you resolve your divorce, it can help reduce or eliminate any post-divorce resentment or anger that a spouse can harbor. A stronger relationship can result in better co-parenting, a more positive outlook on things, and a benefit to your mental health.

A collaborative divorce can help spouses settle things in their own way and on their own time. If you are trying to navigate through your own divorce, consider working together to settle things quickly and efficiently.