How to prepare for divorce before filing

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The actions you take before you file for divorce can be just as important as the ones you take after you file for divorce. Hundreds of thousands of people file for divorce every year, and not nearly enough of them take the proper measures to defend their best interests. If you are considering filing for divorce, here are some actions you can take before you make your divorce official:

Separate your assets

To help with your asset division process, it is important to protect the assets you already have. Start placing your income in another account, close shared credit cards, and separate yourself from anything else that you may share with your spouse. By doing this, you can avoid situations where your spouse drains your accounts after you file for divorce.

Gather proper documentation

Collect copies of all important documents in your marriage, including a long history of your bank statements, mortgage information, car leases or titles, medical documents of your family, tax returns, property valuations, and proofs of income. These documents can go a long way to helping you defend your needs in your divorce.

Prepare for independence

A divorce can change your living situation before it even finalizes. If you need to move out during your divorce or have a sudden expense, it pays to be prepared. By saving up three months of income and having a place you can stay outside of your house, you can have a safety net in place when you need it.

Establish your own credit

After your divorce finalizes, you will be solely reliant on your own credit. By building your own credit score, you can have an easier time getting a car, home or anything else may need after your divorce.

Start preparing today

Even without filing for divorce yet, there is a lot you can do to help yourself through this change in your life. An experienced divorce lawyer can also help you take other preparations before your divorce. If you are considering divorce, the actions you take today can help you tomorrow.